Letter to my future self


Dear Future Self,

I hope you are reading this, shaking your head, wishing you could go back and tell me that 

everything will be alright. I hope when you look back to this point in our life, that you know it was 

worth all the fear and struggles that we endured. I hope that you wake up every morning filled

with love and gratitude for the life you are living. I hope your days are full of laughter, joy, and love.

I hope that the times you let your memories come; that you are thankful for the mountains we climbed

and you now know the why we had to go through all the hardships. I hope that you are taking

care of yourself and that you are a light for those in darkness. I hope the life you lived is an inspiration 

to your children, as well as others, so they know that dreams do come true and happiness is not an 

illusion, but well within their reach. I am excited for this adventure we are on and I look forward to the

day we meet.